Black Forest Ham

A game about glory, teamwork, and hamsters

About the game

Black Forest Ham is a two player couch co-op game focused on teamwork and saving the land. Be flung across chasms, murder strange looking frogs, and throw your friends into the river. Do you have what it takes to stab, throw, and stab?

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About the Team

The Black Forest Ham team consists of students of game creation who are trying their hardest to get good. Their names and roles on the team are as follows:

Keith McAfee - Programmies and also a Falcon With Frogs for Legs
Jesse Mauk - Hamster Wrangling
Alec Valentyn - Lead Designer of All the Good Parts
Cassie Rose - UI and User Interface
Laura Carillo - Rigging and Dying
Katie Brandley - Concept Art and Anime